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App Design by Mikleo.
App Development by Cocoon. Download App


Mikleo referred BabyVote once their design phase was completed. The BabyVote team were looking for a developer to take Mikleo’s design and turn it into a fully fleshed out iPhone app.

The app would need to provide the same functionality as the website currently did but in a more mobile friendly fashion. As it was a native app it would also open up features not available to the web on an iPhone such as push notification and in app purchases.


Using provided designs Cocoon built an iPhone app using native technologies. The app interfaces with BabyVote’s API to provide a rich user experience that covers ever aspect of the service. Users can submit entries, vote, participate in finals, make friends, and purchase gems for use on boosts and other incentives.

Technologies used

What they say...

Nothing but professionalism from start to finish. We can't fault their work and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for app development.

Cassius Kiani. Director. Mikleo HQ.