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Happy Track approached Cocoon to take over an existing iPhone project from another developer. Initially the client needed some minor bug fixes and maintenance but requirements quickly progressed to a fresh new design and the addition of an alarm clock feature.


Cocoon designed a new look for the Happy Track app while keeping the branding and colour scheme from their previous design in tact. The new design took paradigms from more modern apps such as Spotify and the new Apple Music app on the iOS platform while still maintaining a unique look.

The app was built in Swift and Cocoon upgraded this to the latest version before any changes were made to the app. Subsequently we applied the redesign and later added the new alarm clock feature.

Due to restrictions in iOS the alarm clock required the app to be open at all times and so a nightstand mode was designed to accommodate this and show the current time and time the alarm was due to go off on the iPhone’s screen.

Technologies used