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TPI were looking to expand on their site and offer an iPhone app that would not only allow users to view information on their product but also provide a number of professional sound tools that could be used by consumers and installers.

Cocoon were asked to design and build the iPhone app as well as an admin panel / API that would allow data to be updated within the app without the need for an update.


We designed a sleek and minimal interface that was very much in keeping with TPI’s core brand. The emphasis was on easy navigation and so we split the app into two, distinct sections: Sound Tools and TPI Products.

Two analysis tools were created — an SPL Meter and a Frequency Spectrum RTA. Both sound tools were built using the open-source AudioKit framework which provides some helper methods atop Apple’s Accelerate framework to allow FFT calculations to be completed easily. Both tools are weighted to dB-A and dB-C and were calibrated against an SPL Meter at TPI’s factory.

Other tools include a Sound Generator, Distance Calculator, and Wavelength Table.

Powering the TPI Products section of the app is a bespoke admin panel and API created by Cocoon.

Technologies used